Recording Artist Dedicates Songs on New Album to The Struggles of Black Men in America

In 2012, some large corporations are still hesitant to hire well educated,
competent black men for good positions in this harsh economy,
Republicans and shady politicians are doing everything in their power
to stop President Obama from moving "forward", black men are still
being accused and wrongfully imprisoned for crimes they didn't commit,
while certain white women are allowed to butcher their own children or
molest their students and walk away scot-free, various black women are
participating in ABC television specials, seminar panels, and writing on
blogs finger wagging and blaming black men for every problem that hit
the black community without addressing the roles black women themselves
may have played in creating some of these same issues all while making
false claims that there are a shortage of "good black men" in America,
some television programs and popular movies are still portraying black
men in the limited roles they provide as shiftless, incompetent,
thoughtless and crooked, and to top it all off we just experienced
the tragedy of Trayvon Martin. In these harsh times black men need
support and to hear positivity more than ever. Here to provide that
support and positivity is a strong, talented and proud black man himself,
rising independent rap sensation Ike Ellis! Ike Ellis uses his forthcoming
album Cornbread, scheduled for a June 12th release date to address
these topics and to provide a positive voice for black men and women.
The artist also plans to bring positive and inspirational lyrics back to the
art, something that has been absent from hip hop (at least in popular
mainstream rap) for awhile. After all the struggles, and obstacles the
black community still face in present day society, Ike Ellis' album
Cornbread is certainly an album that needs to be heard. For more
information and updates on this upcoming project just go to

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