#RealDJShit One DJ's Rage Against the Wackness

Here's a shoutout to all the wack DJs that dropped some wack so-called "mixtapes" yesterday...you know who you are...wack mu'fuckas

Yesterday I noticed that the epidemic of wack DJs has risen to new absurdity. Let's be clear; the root word of "MIXTAPE" is "MIX". I hit play on two different mixtapes yesterday that included five DJs. FIVE! Between five DJs and 2 different mixtapes how is it fuckin possible that neither mixtape had even a hint of MIX?! These no-mix 'mixtapes' should be slapped with a huge sticker that reads "NO TURNTABLES REQUIRED". Websites dedicated to mixtapes should shoulder some responsibility and add an asterisk or something to indicate the tape is just a bunch of music, sound effects, and screaming - NO MIX INCLUDED.

How or when this became acceptable is baffling to me. Would you prefer to dry chew some sour koolaid then stop and sprinkle some sugar in your mouth instead of actually adding water and mixing it all together? Wouldn't you be upset if you hit the fridge to pour some koolaid in your cup and the dry ass ingredients slid to the bottom of your empty cup? How in the hell am I supposed to digest this bullshit as a real DJ? It leaves a real bad taste in my mouth to say the least. Yet artists gobble up the opportunity to be on a wack no-mix 'mixtape' then have the nerve to tweet shit like #salutetheDJ or even worse; #realdjshit.

A lot of you mu'fuckas are using the term "DJ" with reckless abandon and total disregard for the craft. DJ is a title you must earn. Drink bleach and die with that wack bullshit. You are destroying the credibility of the term "DJ" and what it means to our Hip-Hop culture. You should be ashamed for what you have done to our craft and THAT is some #realdjshit.

That is all...carry on

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